Digital Sounds [HUD, Beeps, Devices]

49.00  Excl. Vat

With this amazing collection of fully-synthesized digital sounds, KS library’s collaboration with Sonotrigger brings to sound designers a very versatile sound library for building new and original sound effects for Head-Up Displays, User Interfaces, Electronic Devices, Signals, Measurements and many more.

The library provides audio files at 96kHZ/24bit carefully edited and mastered, ready to be used in your favorite DAW. Also is included a BUILT version of the library, in which you can find pre-designed sound effects with the raw material, edited and mastered as well for best performance in all medias. These files are delivered at 48kHz/24bit.

This collection is UCS Compliant!!!

Number of files: 128
Size: 472,3 Mb
Sample rate: BUILT 48kHz – RAW 96kHz
Bit depth: 24-bit
Audio format: Stereo
Metadata: UCS embed with and optimized for BaseHead

Full tracklist and additional info HERE

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Digital Sounds [HUD, Beeps, Devices]
49.00  Excl. Vat
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